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group classes ("coaching groups") on facebook

As part of my work, I offer interactive group classes via Facebook Groups.

Group classes offer participants access to my brain and my focused attention, with lower prices – making my services more accessible to lower income folks.  Yippee!

How it Works

  • I create a unique Facebook group for the course, with ~10 other attendees. Each attendee introduces themselves in a post, sharing their reasons for taking the course.

  • Every evening, I’ll do a “Facebook Live,” which is basically a conference call, presenting on topics and answering specific questions from people in the group.

  • You’ll benefit from others asking questions you never thought of, and you’ll also network with folks who are serious about learning and improving their lives and/or businesses.

  • As the course progresses, you’ll be assigned homework and post your progress in the group. You can post in the group and ask questions, share successes, etc.


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Common Questions

  • Do I have to attend every course live?

        Nope!  Most people miss at least one class.  You can watch the course and comment  with as many questions as you want

  • Will I be able to watch the course a few months from now?

        Yep!  As long as The Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg) keeps groups around, you’ll have access  to the FB Live discussions.

  • Sweet!  Does this mean I can ask you questions about the course topic forever?

        Nope!  I answer questions for 3 days after (in the group).  Most courses end on a Friday, so I answer questions until the following             Monday at 11:59 PM MST.  If there’s enough interest, I will create an offering for ongoing group coaching.

Course offerings are changed and updated, and I can’t guarantee that I will offer a course in the future.  If you’re interested in a course, please sign up for it.

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