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you know where you want to go.  but how do you get there? 

After working as a freelance recruiter, and creating teams of freelancers to work on long term projects – I get how the hiring industry works. I help people figure out where they want to go. If you have your eyes on a specific job title, company (or type of company), I’m your gal.

Note:  You have got to be really fucking motivated to change your life and career.  This is a no-nonsense approach that requires your full commitment. You should work with me if ready to really own what you desire, and shout it on the rooftops.

Below, you’ll find my most popular packages, and I include prices because I want you to know what you’re getting.  I don’t do that “Let’s get on the phone and talk prices” salesy bullshit.

Need something more customized? Drop me a line, and we’ll set up a call.

Service Offering Below

I understand that this area can be a source of stress, and I create an open environment where you can learn what you're really getting for your money – I'm never pushy or salesy.  

Cover Letter $240

Do cover letters confuse you?  Not sure how much time you should spend on them, or what the heck to include?  

  • I'll take you through how to analyze a job posting, to write a cover letter that'll get the attention of the the hiring manager.

  • You’ll pick a job you REALLY want, and we’ll utilize that job posting for the call. If you want a critical eye for future cover letters you write, I charge $65.

Resume Rewrite  $399

Does the thought of working on your resume make you want to throw your computer across the room?  Writing a resume is hard, because it’s impossible to be truly objective about your capabilities and skill sets.  That’s where I come in.

This process includes 3 phone calls and one resume.  This package includes planning and discussion on your personal brand, or how you present yourself to the world, because hiring managers will absolutely Google you.

  • Pre-Call:  You’ll fill out a questionnaire, sharing your career goals, what you’ve loathed/loved about past positions, and where you want to go. You’ll share 3-4 job postings of positions you’d love to land

  • Call #2:  We’ll get on the phone, and I’ll interview you about what you’ve done at past positions, and we’ll get really granular about your duties.  This will help me create a kickass resume. I’ll share information on contacting head hunters, applying for jobs, etc.

  • Post-Call:  I’ll create and write your resume. I’ll share instructions on how to customize it, if needed.

LinkedIn Coaching  $340

Contrary to popular opinion, LinkedIn is actually a useful platform.  For this service, I take you through how to use LinkedIn strategically and effectively, from endorsements, skills. Here's an overview:

  • 90 minute phone call

  • Questionnaire on type of roles/companies you're interested in

  • Using LinkedIn to find unlisted jobs, follow (and meet!) influencers in your field, and contact hiring managers

  • How to write and get recommendations - and what they should say

  • Outline 2-3 articles for you to write and post on your LinkedIn

  • What endorsements to axe (goodbye "Microsoft Word") and what to add, based on your career goals


Portfolio Website Starting at $900

Do you need a website that showcases your professional work?  Unsure what to put on it, or what work to include? For this package I'll:

  • Create a website using a WYSIWYG platform (Squarespace, Wix, etc)

  • Design the website structure (Pages/subpages/etc), organizing your work in a cohesive way

  • Write copy for all pages (up to 10)

  • Create a blogging strategy and calendar


Personal Branding  Starting at $1,400

Do people throw words like "thought leadership" at you, and make you feel like you're behind the times?  Do you want to start blogging as a professional in your industry, or do you dream about keynoting a major conference?

With this package, we'll:

  • Create mission statement on you and your values - using that to inform the entire process

  • Find and study 3 other Thought Leaders in your industry, and using that to develop your strategy

  • Create a content strategy for your online presence (from hashtags to use on Twitter to Medium posts)

  • Create a "One Pager" – basically a press kit for you as an individual. Conferences and associations request these


I can COMPLETELY back Brianne’s integral part in helping me determine how to shift careers from traditional to non traditional as well as helping me define exactly what I want, need, and am capable of. She is absolutely incredible!
— Alex Sundstrom
“Working with Brianne was life-changing. She helped me see my worth, and negotiate it. Working with her helped me land a $25K pay increase.”
— Ambra T

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