Wow!  I began freelancing just over eight years ago, and since then I’ve worked with clients across industries and time zones.

I joke that I “crowned” myself a social media specialist, and began both creating content for social media, and restructuring (or starting from scratch) a brand’s online presence.

Since then, I have graduated from Stanford with a degree in Product Design Engineering and added career and business coaching. Intermixed is my experience working as a fashion blogger, growing my marketing and consulting offerings for fashion and ecommerce businesses – and product development.

From leading product development teams in design thinking practices, to helping individuals figure out their path and career, I show up and get shit done.


My clients are kickass entrepreneurs and individuals who buck the status quo.  You don’t fit the profile of someone who “should” be doing what you do – or want to do.

You’re not interested in how things have always been done.  You keep an eye to the past, as it informs your present, but you refuse to let it determine your future.

Let’s get political - and intersectional

In 2018, we don’t have the luxury of keeping politics out of business or interpersonal conversations.  I’m a cisgender queer white woman, and I get that systems have been constructed to keep others from accessing them.

So, if you’re a white cis dude trying to figure out how to be more inclusive in the marketing of your startup (or the products you’re creating), or if you’re a queer and trans person of color who feels defeated by the thought of entering an interview – I got you.

My job is to help break those barriers down.  

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If, after taking a look around my website, you think we could make some magic, drop me a line.  I don’t use sales pressure tactics, because I don't need to.  

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