Recent Press

Here you’ll find press mentions and interviews that relate directly to my coaching and marketing work. For information on my work as an influencer, please visit my blog.

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lean the f*ck out

In this interview on the podcast, Lean the F*ck Out, I did a deep dive with podcasters Gretchen and Tera on BOUNDARIES. I shared how to discover and communicate your boundaries, as well as why it’s important to give yourself permission to be a bit of an asshole.

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Indie fashion creators

In this podcast episode of Indie Fashion Creators, I talked with host and indie brand owner, A’Shontay about the power of influencer marketing. I shared the importance of paying influencers, how to vet potential influencers for partnerships and tips for new brands with limited budgets.

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American Marketing association

After writing a piece on Medium about how brands fail to market to the LGBT community, the American Marketing Association asked me to be on their podcast. In this episode, I share how brands can authentically connect with the LGBTQIA community.