1:1 Coaching


success bully & cheerleader for your gosh dang dreams

Do you need someone to kick you in the pants and hold you accountable?  Do you have goals you really want to reach, but struggle getting there?

I help my coaching clients take stock of where they are, pinpoint where they want to be, and fucking get there.  Sometimes called a “Success Bully” or “Dream Cheerleader,” we get where you wanna go.

Think about it.  For most of your life, you probably had teachers or coaches or creative instructors make sure you did the grunt work/drudgery to get what you wanted.  

I utilize the same strategies to help people attain totally different goals.  But, sometimes someone reaches out with such a niche need (like, “I want to be a NASA astronaut”) that I help them track down a coach who will be a fit.  (I do charge for that, FYI.)

So, if you’ve been wanting to write a book, start a business or a blog, get moving on that creative project or or or - GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER - this is it.

Of, if you want help in multiple aspects of your life.

FYI:  Each coaching call takes 1-2 hours of prep work from me.  These packages include my laser focus on you and your dreams.

Can you handle the heat?  Let's find out!

Creative Project Coaching  $1,250/month 1||  $950/Mo Onwards

Do you guiltily think about that novel or art project (etc) you’ve started writing, but can’t seem to find the time to dedicate to it?  

Let’s tackle it.

Month #1

  • Define the creative project and what constitutes “successful completion”
  • Create a calendar, based on your real available time and resources, with project milestones and an action plan for day-to-day work
  • Analyze and discuss how other people have done what you want to do – we don’t need to reinvent the WHOLE wheel
  • ^^ This generally takes 4 phone calls, I do quite a bit of work with you (hence the extra cost for Month #1)


Month #2 & Onwards

  • Weekly 1 hour phone calls, talking about progress and blocks
  • Homework and accountability to keep you on track
  • Email access with 1 business day response time

There is no innovation or creativity without failure. Period.
— Brene Brown

“Bri is My Success Bully” $1,050 for Month #1 || $800/Mo Onwards

For folks who want a "Life Coach," but aren't looking to drink Kombucha.  

  • Month 1:  Create a vision board (or Life Vision recording)
  • Weekly 1 hour phone call, discussing triumphs and blocks
  • Weekly homework assignments catered to you and your top 3 goals
  • Email access with 1 business day response time

So often, we pretend we’ve made a decision, when what we’ve really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable.”
— Jen Sincero

Business Coaching  $1,400/month

Shit or get off the pot!  With this plan, we’ll get you moving on your business – from naming your products to setting up your website, hiring interns and freelancers, to figuring out how the heck to tweet and what accounting software to choose.

Month 1:  Create a business plan (Market research, offering, etc)

Weekly 1 hour phone call, talking about progress and blocks

1 emergency “I need to talk ASAP!” phone call per month

Weekly personal development homework and "Defined Accountability Metrics" to keep you on track

Email access with 1 business day response time

Full Access or “Retainer” via texting for an additional $500 a month

"One off" Coaching $120 per hour

  • Are you stumped by a situation at work or with a client?  Need an objective person to let you in on what's happening?
  • Or, are you at a roadblock in your business or a creative project?
  • "One off" coaching sessions (AKA "Pick My Brain" sessions) are great for people who need perspective and potential solutions.