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Next Session: July 29 - August 1

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5 years ago, I used to REALLY hate Twitter. I felt like it was a social platform that was good for sharing quotes and quippy one-liners –but not good for much else. I didn’t see a lot of ROI on it for clients, and I felt like it was a vapid and boring platform.

Oooo boy, was I wrong!

As it turns out, Twitter is the platform where I see the most ROI for my time. It’s where I’ve made industry connections, met helpful people who have helped me with my life and career and found resources I NEVER WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT!!

It’s Not About Follower Count.

Unlike other platforms (cough Instagram cough), the usefulness and ROI of twitter isn’t dependent on the number of followers you have. Twitter is all about making one-on-one connections and knowing how to find people that are talking about things you want to discuss.

Is 10,000 or 100,000 followers nice? Heck yeah!!

But the platform can be incredibly effective for people with 100 follower or those learning to use Twitter for the first time.

Ready to level up in your life? Read on.



I accidentally stumbled into the ~ Power of Twitter ~ when I began managing a client’s Facebook presence (she’s what I call “niche famous) in 2015. Let’s call her “Pam.” Pam would get a LOT of favorites (likes) on her tweets, but usually no more than 10 people replied.

Pam was the one who showed me Twitter was magical.

We had calls every week, and on one of these calls Pam mentioned someone that I had never heard of. “Oh, her work is just great!” she told me. “I just connected her with (name of another niche famous person).”

I hadn’t heard of her, so I looked her up. She had 89 Twitter followers. And Pam had just connected her with someone she would have NEVER gotten to speak with through cold emailing.

“How do you know who she is?” I asked my client. (Really, what I wanted to ask was, “How do you know her if she only has 89 followers?!”) Turns out, Pam knew who this woman was because she regularly replied to Pam’s tweets.

!!!! DING DING DING !!!!!

Upon further questioning, I learned that Pam KNEW all of the people who replied to her by name. She ended up networking with them, sending them resources and introducing them to other people. I eventually began helping to manage my client’s Twitter account (she didn’t hand it over like other platforms, we both were on it. She wanted to engage with people she didn’t know on the regular) – and my worldview expanded.

Before this, I thought Twitter was a way to share news, jokes and for JK Rowling to make sexuality announcements about her characters.

But this client taught me that Twitter gives you access to people who would never answer a cold email. Years later, I’ve also figured out how to use Twitter to move (sell) product and get press mentions.



Most social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook, help you network with people you know – or their friends. Most thought leaders and celebrities use nicknames (or fake names) on Facebook – and you just don’t have access to them. These are closed spaces, and that’s okay!

Twitter is different. Twitter is like the Town Hall of the internet, where you can talk to anyone. The key is in knowing how and when to talk to people, but it can be intimidating!

Knowing how to respond, engage – and also how to promote your own work on Twitter – is career changing.

Because I know that Twitter is such a powerful tool, I’ve decided to host a class on using it. Read on for information on the schedule, who the class is for and pricing!

As always, if you have questions – send me an email!

Whose Attention Do You Need?

Are you trying to get press mentions for your company or brand? Are you trying to find investors, mentors or other people on a similar journey as you? Are you trying to get a job in a really competitive industry?

This class is for you.

I’ll teach you how to find and target (but in a nice way) the people who can help springboard you into the future, and do it in a way that’s authentic. “Networking” doesn’t have to feel slimy or gross. You don’t need to feel squeamish or upset at the thought of talking about your work or leveling the fuck up!


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  • Monday, July 29: Twitter Tour // In this class, I’ll take you through the nuts and bolts of Twitter. I’ll show you features, how to use them and what Twitter is all about. We’ll write your bio, go over what kind of photo to use, legal stuff if you’re a business owner and more! I’ll also guide you through on how we’re going to use Twitter with INTENTION. We’ll set goals and define what you want to get out of the platform.

  • Tuesday, July 30: Authentic Networking // In this class, you’ll learn why Twitter is Networking Heaven (especially introverts). I’ll teach you how to find people in your niche to network, and I’ll also show you how to engage with your heroes (who you’d like to work with!).

  • Wednesday, July 31: Meet the PRESS! // Twitter is the most popular platform for journalists, and during this class I’ll teach you how to find writers to pitch for your business or brand – or how to find writers in your industry/niche for the latest info. If you’re not into PR, that’s okay! You’ll still get a lot out of this class.

  • Thursday, August 1: Share Your Work // In this class, I’ll teach you how to effectively share your work on Twitter – to land visitors to your website and new customers. Whether you’re promoting blog posts or a link to a physical product, this class is all about learning to “self-promo” without feeling gross.


Class is Held Online!

Classes will be held at 8PM MST in a Facebook Group - LIVE! Course videos will be stored in a Facebook group, where I’ll also answer questions throughout the week. Class videos will be available for as long as Zuck Inc keeps FB groups and their content around. ❤


This class is designed for:

  • People who are comfortable with using personal profiles on social media

  • People who want to grow their career or brand

  • Social media marketers who don’t really “get” Twitter

  • People who want their work OUT IN THE WORLD


If you don’t want people to know who you are or learn about your work, this class isn’t for you!


Hey, I’m Brianne! I have almost a decade (wow!) of online marketing experience. I have managed Twitter accounts for brands (1,000 - 300,000 followers), thought leaders and my dang self! <3 View my LinkedIn here.

Ready to Enroll?

Pricing details below!

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  • $49 - $89 USD per participant paid via PayPal

Note: This the first time I’m teaching this course, so fees are lower. Future iterations of this course will start at $79 USD.


I’m a proud Special Snowflake, so I offer sliding scale pricing on all of my classes.

  • $49: Full-time student or working less than 20 hours a week // Transgender and gender non-conforming people

  • $59: Fully employed, but money is tight

  • $69: Fully employed, going to brunch is feasible

  • $79: You have savings and will travel for fun this year

  • $89: You have savings and will travel internationally for fun this year


Enroll by selecting your sliding scale amount, and paying by clicking this PayPal link. 

>>>>> PAY HERE: PayPal

Questions? Contact me here.

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