Social Media Freelancer 2 Week Bootcamp


Have you dreamed about becoming a social media freelancer?

Something magical happens when September hits.  People realize they want to make more money, or they need to change their job/career trajectory ASAP.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had friends and clients (and clients that are friends!) reach out to me about coaching for freelance social media marketing.

From folks who want to add a side hustle, to stay-at-home moms (and dads), to people that want to change their career ASAP – people have been saying things like::

  • Where do I go to learn this stuff?  There are so many contradictory sources, FML.

  • I want to work as a social media marketer, but I have no experience.  How do I gain experience?

  • I’m ready to begin freelancing, but I’m worried about finding and pitching clients.  What if people don’t pay me?!

And voila, a course was born.

  • Below, I’ve shared the outline for this intense AF course, who should (and shouldn’t!) take it, and pricing info.
    Course Dates:  October 15-25 (no weekends, so that’s 9 days)

  • Each class is ~90 minutes. That’s 14 hours of instruction.

  • Course Time:  Because people are located all over, I’ve found that 7PM Mountain is a good time for courses.  I have had international students take my courses (more on that further down)


What Are We Going to Learn???

Module 1:  How to Rock Managing Specific Social Media Channels & Creating Content

  • October 15:  Course Introduction & Overview of Social Media Channels

  • October 16: Creating vs Curating Content, Crafting a Posting Schedule, Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • October 17:  Facebook Marketing //Writing posts, getting organic likes, etc

  • October 17:  Instagram Marketing//Creating an “aesthetic,” hashtag use, growing a following, etc

  • October 18:  Pinterest & Twitter Marketing

Note:  Some clients may be interested in reddit, tumblr, LinkedIn or Snapchat marketing.  Because there is a time limit on those course, I’ve prioritized “higher level” channels

Module 2:  Pitching Clients

  • October 22:  Finding and Pitching Clients (emphasis on how to land your 1st client), as well as my system for managing projects and relationships with client relationship

  • October 23:  Setting Your Rates & Creating packages/offerings AND preparing for tax season

  • October 24:  Tracking & Reporting Social Media Growth, Invoicing Systems, & Networking with Other Freelancers

  • October 25:  Advertising Your Work:  Formula for creating your 5 page social media manager website


How does class actually work?

Facebook Group FTW

  • Class will take place in a Facebook group, and courses will be held via Facebook Live.  

  • Learning with others is truly the “Secret Sauce” of my courses. You’ll network with new people, learn from their questions and be among others who are striving for something. After all, you’re an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

  • Have to miss a class?  No worries! The Facebook Live Videos stay up in the group, so you can go back and review them. You’ll retain access to the videos for as long as Facebook Groups exist, and I’ll also post my slides to the group.

  • There will be optional homework for the class, and you’re encouraged to post your responses in the group.

What if I’m not in the USA?

  • That’s a-okay.  You won’t be able to watch the videos live, but you can go back through and watch them // comment with questions.

NOTE: Emphasis on Lifelong Learning & Personal Development

Social media platforms change on a daily basis.  What worked 1 year ago, 1 month ago or 1 day ago may not work today.  I’ll share resources on how to continually update your knowledge, and your pre-coursework includes reading (or listening to) a 32 page book called, “Who Moved My Cheese?”  (Included in cost of course.)

Questions? Drop me a line.


How much does this cost?

Good question!  For my courses, I use what’s called a “sliding scale.”  You determine what pricing level you’re at, and we go from there!

Can’t afford the course fee?  Scholarships are available (thanks to donations), and past students have posted on social media to crowdfund the course.

  • $149:  Unemployed folks (less than 10 hours of work a week), and transgender folks who are not employed full-time

  • $169:  Underemployed folks (less than 26 hours of work a week)

  • $189:  Fully employed, money is TIGHT (if a paycheck doesn’t come through on time, you’re SOL)

  • $209:  Fully employed, you have funds for discretionary spending

  • $219:  Fully employed, you will travel this year

  • $249:  Fully employed, member of a household that makes over $100K per year

Need a minute to gather funds? A $50 nonrefundable deposit secures your spot, with the remaining of your course fee due by October 13.

Interested in tossing in a few bucks to subsidize a marginalized person taking this course?  Use the PayPal link below!


marketing babes (2).png

Who Should (and Should NOT) Take This Course

You SHOULD take this course if:

  • You check social media everyday, and find yourself scrolling through business or blogger pages – looking for content and inspiration

  • You’re serious about making money as a freelance social media marketer

  • You’re able to attend a majority of sessions LIVE, or watch them within 24 hours of posting

  • You’re comfortable researching how to do things on Google, and teaching yourself new skills (through YouTube, a physical book, etc)

  • You TOTALLY rock at social media marketing, but you’re worried about managing the client side of things

  • You plan on showing up with questions and engaging with the group

You SHOULD NOT take this course if you:

  • Are looking to make easy money with minimal effort

  • Cannot attend a majority of courses LIVE, or watch them within 24 hours

  • Think social media is shallow or dumb

  • Hate working with people


About Brianne Huntsman

Hello, there!  I’ve been working as a social media marketer for the last 8 years.  I’ve worked with corporations, nonprofits, startups and small business owners.  Freelancing has allowed me to be a “digital nomad” (I hate that term, but here we are) working as I travel around the world.  

I’ve started and built social media followings from 0 to 100K+ followers, managed tens of thousands of US dollars in online ads, and created content on everything from period underwear to investing apps.

Legal Disclaimer

This course is not offered in conjunction with an accredited academic institution or organization.  This is not a certificate program. By signing up for the course, all participants agree to mediation in the case of complaint, except if the participant illegally shares or distributes course materials to non-participants.  

Questions? Drop me a line.