Get the “K” Course for Instagram

Version 2.0!!

Next Session: September 30 - October 4

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Hey babe!

After a little over a year of HARD work, I finally got the “K” on Instagram. This magical moment happens when you go from 9,999 followers to 10K (10,000) followers!

Besides being cool and getting a letter from the middle of the alphabet, you ALSO get handy dandy new insight tools from Instagram, AND you get to link to websites on your Instagram Story.

Sharing Knowledge

In the year it took me to do this, I learned a TON! From insights on whether an Instagram “Pod” is really worth it, to working with photographers (paid and trade), figuring out how to feature content and, you know, make money from Instagram. As well as things like, finding time to respond to comments, networking on Instagram, etc etc.

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Ta DA! A Course

I created this course to share my hard won knowledge, complete with homework and actionable tips to get you to 10K.

The course will run for a full week, and take place in a FB group with ~8 other people.

I’ve taught this course almost ten times (woohoo), and we’re now on VERSION 2. Here’s what’s included in the second version:

  • Repurposing Instagram content for other channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc) I've found that video content on IG Story is super important. We'll talk about how to create this content!

  • Ad spend is necessary for brands. ACCEPT IT. Instead of fighting it, it's important to create ads with a net positive ROI. Which is why I'll be covering ads in this new version!

  • Finding and testing presets (I’ll include a list of my favorite presets) to make it easier to create an overall aesthetic on your feed

  • And additional updates!

How does it work?

  • The course takes place on FB Groups, and you’ll be in a class of approximately 10 other people. You’ll have access to the videos for as long as FB keeps FB Groups around.

  • I’ll hold 5 coaching calls (Facebook Lives) at 8PM MST, which are highly interactive and tailored to your specific needs (you’re encouraged to ask questions via FB comments throughout the call).

  • Can’t make every evening? That’s okay! You’ll be able to watch later and ask questions if you’ve missed something.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who have been regularly using Instagram, but can’t figure out how to get their Instagram following to increase. This course is perfect for bloggers and small business owners. This is *not* a course on the basics of Instagram, think of it as an “upper division” class.

This is also a great course for people with large followings, who have seen a large dip in engagement since the ~Algorithm Changes~.

Course Schedule

  • Monday, September 30: How to Post Like a Boss (covering hashtags, posting times, metrics and how to write good captions)

  • Tuesday, October 1: Creating your #Aesthetic. (Deciding on filters to make your Instagram cohesive, and creating a moodboard from your Instagram Style Crushes) && Ads Part 1

  • Wednesday, October 2: Creating Content (Finding and working with photographers, as well as other businesses and brand creators) && Ads Part 1

  • Thursday, October 3: Moving the Needle (How to grow your following and engagement WITHOUT feeling like you’re on Instagram all day)

  • Friday, October 4: GETTING PAID (A BTS look at influencer marketing, as well as how to market YOUR products and services on The Gram)

Let’s Go!

Ready to get started? Class fee is $65 to $99 USD, sliding scale, and you can pay by clicking here. Once you pay via PayPal, your spot is secured in the group! I’ll add you to the FB group on Sunday, September 29.


I’m a proud Special Snowflake, so I offer sliding scale pricing on all of my classes.

  • $65: Full-Time Student or working less than 20 hours a week

  • $77: Fully employed, but money is tight

  • $85: Fully employed, going to brunch is feasible

  • $99: You have savings and will travel this year


If someone takes the class on your recommendation (and you’re taking the course), I’ll send you a $7 commission via PayPal!