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Next Session: August 19-23

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2.5 years ago, I decided I wanted to become a fashion blogger.  I realized that fashion blogging was a great way to break into fashion, and I would also learn skills like photoshoot planning, creative direction, etc etc. (You can view my fashion blog here!)

For me, fashion blogging was a way to get me closer to my goals, and for others it is THE goal – they want to be full-time bloggers and create beautiful imagery.

Whenever I decide to step into something new, I take an online class on it.  I’ve taken courses on everything from making sushi to Shopify – and a LOT courses on fashion, marketing and business development.

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 looked around on the internet, and signed up for a few classes that showed up in my Google search results.

Y’all.  These classes were TERRIBLE.  They gave vague and “hand wavey” information, with very little of it actionable.

“Okay,” I thought after closing a course in disgust.  “When I figure out how to do this, I’m going to teach a course on it.”

And, today is that day! Below, I’ve shared the outline of my course and how it works.  As well as pricing information and my contact info.  This course is priced quite a bit lower than similar courses on the market, as this is my first time teaching it!


When I first started, I was obsessed with growing my Instagram – suffering from a real bad case of tunnel vision. Obviously, Instagram is very important – but it gets a lot of attention that could (and should, imo) be spent elsewhere. People are leaving money and creative opportunities on the table.

Learn from My Mistakes

The learning curve was pretty steep for me, but it doesn’t have to be hard for you!

Below, I’ve shared the outline of the course:


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  • Monday, August 19:  Fashion Blogging Myth Busting

    In this session, I’ll share how fashion blogging works behind the scenes.  I’ll talk about the amount of work that goes into fashion blogging, the money at play and the “real talk” that most bloggers don’t share on the internet.  You’ll leave this course understanding the top 3 ways bloggers make money online, and how much time it takes to start and grow a blog.

  • Tuesday, August 20:  Blog & Social Media  Set Up

    In this class, you’ll learn why Instagram isn’t the end all be all, and you’ll also learn the pros and cons of using different social media platforms.  I’ll share my guide on what platform to use when, as well as showing you how and when to post on each platform.

    I’ll also go into the importance of having your own blog/website, and I’ll teach you how to set it up

  • Wednesday, August 21:  Planning Photoshoots

    In this class, I’ll teach you how to come up with photoshoot ideas and how to plan your first photoshoot.  I’ll go over hiring photographers (or using your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner) as a photographer.

  • Thursday, August 22:  SPONSORS & MONEY

    In this class, I’ll go over how to get gifted product, as well as sponsorships with brands work.  I’ll teach you how to send your first pitch, as well as how much money you can expect to make based on your following.  I’ll also go into affiliate marketing (my favorite way to make blogging revenue).

  • Friday, August 23:  BLOGGING BESTIES

    The last (but most important!!) class will be on how to build your own community of bloggers, as well as advice on deciding whether someone is a “Blogger Bestie” or a professional acquaintance.  I’ll go into how to collaborate with other bloggers, as well as how to avoid dreaded “blogger drama.”

Classes are ONLINE!!

Classes will be held at 8PM MST. Course videos will be stored in a Facebook group, where I’ll also answer questions throughout the week. Videos (via FB Live) will be available for as long as Zuck Inc keeps FB groups and their content around. ❤

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The course will be “archived” after one week, and you won’t be able to contnue asking questions. I do this to protect my bandwidth and time!

More details below.


This class is designed for:

  • People who want to start a fashion or lifestyle blog

  • People who regularly use Facebook and Instagram

  • All genders welcome

This class is NOT for people who want to start a blog outside of the fashion/lifestyle space.


Good question! I’m a blogger over at The Huntswoman, and I also run influencer marketing campaigns for companies. I’ve managed budgets from $5K to $25K for product launches and events. I’ve spoken on podcasts and at conferences about blogging/influencer marketing, and I have also taught “The Art of Negotiation for Influencers” for over a year, teaching established bloggers how to increase their income.

You can poke around my website for more background, or look me up on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

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  • $89 - $149 per participant paid via PayPal***

This course is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone, and it’s hard to do that without skin in the game.

Get in the game.


I’m a proud Special Snowflake, so I offer sliding scale pricing on all of my classes.

  • $89: Full-time student or working less than 20 hours a week // Transgender and gender non-conforming bloggers

  • $99: Fully employed, but money is tight

  • $129: Fully employed, going to brunch is feasible

  • $139: You have savings and will travel for fun this year

  • $149: You have savings and will travel internationally for fun this year


Enroll by choosing which tier you fit on the sliding scale above, and pay by clicking on this PayPal link. 

>>>>> PAY HERE: PayPal

Questions? Contact me here.