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Next Session: September 23-27


Y’all could use some help.

After attending conferences for bloggers and influencers I’ve realized:

Y’all aren’t getting paid what you should be.

The problem is, while you have followings in the TENS of thousands, you’re struggling to get, you know, paid for you work. Companies are popping in your inbox to offer you free stuff, inviting you to events (with the expectation you’ll post from that event) – but figuring out how to get PAID real money is tough.

FUN FACT! This may come as a shock to some of you, but quite a few fashion brands don’t pay influencers or bloggers to post about their clothes. And MANY bloggers struggle to break even with the costs associated with blogging.

Many bloggers are actually operating at a HUGE loss, in money terms. Think about the number of HOURS it takes to communicate with a brand, scout a photoshoot location, find/secure/pay a photographer (or wrangle your partner into taking pics), edit photos, post a photo with a caption, AND THEN engage with comments on your post, etc.

And one of the main reasons behind this is that influencers don’t have business training on how to run their brand.

This is where I come in.


Influencers aren’t getting paid for a variety of reasons:

  1. Your content doesn’t fit with your target brands (and you aren’t sure how to make that content)

  2. You’re not using affiliate links

  3. You’re, well, bad at negotiating rates and contracts scare you

  4. You’re not pitching brands correctly

  5. You’re not managing the brand relationships AFTER you’ve done a sponsored relationship.

Time to level the EFF UP.

But here’s the thing. I KNOW influencers are getting paid, invoices with freaking commas, because I help brands find and partner with influencers. I’m cutting those checks! But I see influencers failing to understand what brands are looking for – and really failing to understand how to communicate with brands.

It’s like brands and influencers are speaking two different languages. And the influencers getting paid are negotiating and COMMUNICATING in ways that gets them paid.

I’ve offered this course four times, and the testimonials and feedback has been incredible. We’re out of beta, and this course is a bootcamp explicitly designed to make you $$$$.

Updates & Additions from Last Course

I’m constantly leveling up my skills, and this course will feature NEW content and downloads:

  • List of 50 influencer marketing or PR companies to pitch to (Excel Sheet)

  • 10 page document with scripts to use in your pitches and negotiations

  • 100 inspiration images focused on product to help you compose photos to get sponsor attention

  • Content Planning Guide - stop feeling overwhelmed by all the channels you can post on

  • Secret Facebook group with other influencers - participants only!


I can’t shove everything we’ll cover in this section (it would be a LOT of text), so I’m calling out the super important stuff:

  • Monday, September 23: Affiliate Marketing 101// In this class, I’ll talk about what affiliate marketing is and how to use it to make $$$$. Once you have an affiliate marketing strategy in place, it makes it LOADS easier to convince brands to pay you for sponsored content. Ever blogger needs to be using affiliate links.

  • Tuesday, September 24: Pitching New Sponsors, PR Firms, etc // In this class, I’ll talk about how to look at products you already use as a starting place for sponsorships, how to find new products/brands in those areas, as well as how to explore new niches for sponsorships. We’ll go over the kind of content brands are looking for, and content changes you’ll need to implement to bring your brand to the next level. I’ll also teach you how to deal with PR firms and influencer marketing platforms.

  • Wednesday, September 25: MEDIA KIT and Usage RIGHTS! // In this class, I’ll talk about figuring out what rates to put in your media kit, as well as how to effectively DESIGN a media kit. We’ll also discuss selling usage rights to your content.

  • Thursday, September 26: Cold & Warm Pitching Brands, Measuring ROI and NEGOTIATION TACTICS // In this class, I’ll talk about the myriad of strategies you can use to get ahold of the ~Influencer Marketing Coordinator~ at a company, as well as ways to measure what your ROI for a brand is — so you can adjust your rates accordingly! I’ll share scripts for you to use when negotiating with brands, and how to keep your brand contacts coming back for future sponsorships.

  • Friday, September 27: Building & Maintaining Relationships & Getting an Agent// In this class, I’ll talk about how to continue to build and stay in touch with professionals who handle ~influencer marketing efforts~at a company, and build longterm relationships. I’ll also discuss how to decide if you should work with an agent or agency.


Class is ONLINE

Classes will be held at 8PM MST. Course videos will be stored in a Facebook group, where I’ll also answer questions throughout the week. Videos (via FB Live) will be available for as long as Zuck Inc keeps FB groups and their content around. ❤

More details below.


This class is designed for:

  • Creators with 10,000+ people who follow them on social media

  • Creators getting offered “free product” on a weekly (or daily) basis

  • Creators who want to pitch brands, but don’t know how

  • Creators who want to increase their yearly earnings DRAMATICALLY.

But! It would also be helpful for people currently trying to build their blog, with an eye to being a full-time blogger or make good money from it.


  • Creators who believe they’re “owed” sponsorships

  • Creators who want to continue doing things the way they’re currently doing them

  • Mean people (seriously, no assholes allowed!!)


Good question! I’ve managed influencer partnerships for influencers with large followings (200K+), and I also run influencer marketing campaigns for companies. I’ve scouted influencers through social media, used various platforms (like Apex Drop and FOHR) to recruit influencers. I’ve managed budgets from $5K to $25K for product launches and events.

You can poke around my website for more background, or look me up on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 12.50.48 PM.png

Most businesses do not get the value of influencer marketing, so they’re hesitant to pay for it. My goal in this course is to teach you how to increase the ROI of sponsored posts, so you can develop longterm relationships with sponsors.


Note: Click on name to go to their platform/blog. I’m being vague in this section so I don’t mess with folks SEO!


  • $129 - $249 per participant paid via PayPal***

This course is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone, and it’s hard to do that without skin in the game.

Get in the game.


I’m a proud Special Snowflake, so I offer sliding scale pricing on all of my classes.

  • $129: Full-time student or working less than 20 hours a week // Transgender and gender non-conforming influencers

  • $189: Influencers who are BIPOC (Black, indigenous or people of color) but aren’t transgender or GNC //

  • $249: Everybody else

NOTE: Money makes people pay attention and get shit done. This is not a course that you should mosey through — this is a course designed to dropkick you out of your comfort zone and make you more effing money.


Enroll by paying via this PayPal link or by checking out of my online storeI also offer $30 off for every person you refer to the class, paid via PayPal when they sign up. Be sure to have your referral note on PayPal that they have enrolled on your recommendation.

Questions? Contact me here.